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Road Safety Tips You Must Follow

Safety driving is not only a “start” when you are driving, even before driving is also important! We will provide information to you so that “Safety Driving” when going road trip. But the tips provided can not only be used for road trip but it is for every tip no matter you will drive your own car or car you rent from rental 24h car rental.  Safety driving also needs to be done when you are also going to travel. When you’re going road trip, vehicles that you will use will be used far and not as usual. Congested conditions make your vehicle also takes longer to use. Therefore you better first service your vehicle to the garage that you usually do service. To avoid things that you do not want when going road trip and make your vehicle fit.

The Basic Tips

Before driving you should see and observe the condition of the exterior around the vehicle. Besides, you also need to learn and pay attention to tips below:

  • Visually inspect tire pressure and check pressure with a gauge. This is at least once a month to do.
  • Make sure there is no dirt on the wiper rubber so the glass doesn’t scratch when the wiper is used.
  • Are there droplets of fluid around the bottom of your vehicle, especially if they are pink water (radiator water) or oil.
  • Checking the engine room of the vehicle. You should do this regularly, for example, every 2 weeks. Don’t forget to make sure the brake fluid, engine oil, radiator water, and wiper water are adequate between the minimum and maximum limits.
  • Make sure the seat belt is properly installed so that your safety is maintained.
  • Set a comfortable and safe sitting position. Avoid changing the sitting position while driving.
  • Check the function of the headlights, turning lights, hazard lights, wipers and air meters and combinations.
  • Check the function of the hand brake, clutch pedal, gas and brake before driving, make sure it functions properly when stepping on the pedal.
  • Make sure the vehicle’s mirror position is in accordance with the visibility, the position of the steering wheel grip, with the position of the hands at 3 and 9 to facilitate the hand to operate the lever around the driver.
  • When the engine is running, check the vehicle’s instrument panels to make sure there are no problems with the vehicle. Make sure no malfunction indicator is on. Information on indicator lights and warnings on vehicle instruments can be known through the guidebook.
  • Always keep things in a drawer or trunk so they don’t fall off the dashboard and interfere with driving concentration. Do not place accessories above the placement of the airbags to avoid the possibility of being exposed when the airbags inflate.

That’s the basic things you have to follow when you want to have a road trip. Usually rental 24h car rental  will also give you basic safety tips before you go. No matter how small the tip it is, pay attention to it for your own safety.

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